Beer Design of the Week

Backcountry Brewing

Designed by: Hired Guns Creative

Seriously every thing from Hired Guns Creative could make it on this list. Their beer designs will make you drool..... or is that just me?

"For Backcountry Brewing, a new craft brewery surrounded by the great outdoors of Squamish, BC, we were tasked with creating a lineup of cans with a hybrid approach, combining custom artwork on each can with strong unifying elements across the entire lineup.

We started with a bold, graphic brandmark, illustrating a lantern in the negative space of the colourful light it’s emitting. The top and bottom of the black lantern break out of the light circle, creating a beautiful ‘disappearing edge’ that draws focus inward.

The smooth curves of the brandmark are set off by a strong, angular custom typeface, combining the rectangular counters and 45° corner cuts of Grecian wood type with modern sans-serif aesthetics.

We decided to differentiate the products mainly by the colour of the brandmark. This is a difficult technique to use successfully, and it’s a testament to the strength of the brand and the power of its negative-space design: on a black background, the lantern is always black, so the brandmark feels more consistent across the lineup.

For the cans, we decided to treat the ‘back’ as an alternate front, using the colourful circle to light up illustrations of people in the backcountry, rendered in silhouette to match the bold, graphic approach of the brand, as well as to echo the lantern’s light/dark themes. The silver of the can also catches the eye without adding any chroma to our extremely tight colour design, wrapping around the bottom of the can for a textural two-tone effect."

Beer Design of the Week

Coppertail Brewing Co.

Designed by: Spark

This design is weird. I think that's why I like it. It's just weird and a fun break from the normal beer designs. The black and bronze colors give it that mysterious, yet refined look. Then the creepy illustrations just add to the fun. Every bottle tells a story. You could spend hours just staring at the labels and be casually taken away into a dark fantasy land. 

The design is beautiful, and what I love about it is that it is consistent throughout every part. There is no disconnect anywhere. A lot of beer labels have the problem where their logo just doesn't connect with the design at all. Coppertail's design is elegant and constant from the logo, to the bottle, to the carrier, to the handles, to the clothing. The sample pack is a little different but it still works, so I'll let it slide. 

Beer Design of the Week

Tin Man Brewing Co.

Designed by: Matt Wagner Design & Melodic Virtue

JOIN US! JOIN US! I wish that tactic worked on recruiting for Beer Warriors. This robotic branding is anything but clunky. They use the simple aluminum with a vibrant color band across the bottom to differentiate each can. There's also subtle iconography in the background to give it flair. They kept the branding consistent from can to can, but also brought it into the architecture of their brewery. But more than anything, I love the billboard design. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

May PC Game Releases

Here are our top games releasing in May 2017.

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  • Prey - May 5
  • Rokh - May 16
  • Watch Dogs 2: No Compromise - May 18
  • Impact Winter May 22
  • Friday the 13th: The Game - May 26
  • RiME - May 26
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew - May 30

Beer Design of the Week

Vocation Brewery

Designed by: Robot Food

WABAM! Here's a stunner for ya. This marks the English brewery's second team-up with Robot Food, and for the 2nd time it's a killer. Lagers/Pilsners are slowly becoming more and more under appreciated. They're considered weak beers by many, even though they are some of the hardest beers to perfect. These new designs bring excitement with a vibrant and rebellious design that contrasts the subdued flavor of a typical lager.

“Robot Food took the same ‘rebellious and irreverent’ approach for the lager, choosing ‘crisp and fresh’ as their design strategy. Against a clean white background which captures the lager’s fresh flavours, the team added bright neon flashes of spray can paint. These slashes of vibrancy encapsulate the brand’s distinctive character and also differentiate the three inaugural SKUs—Pure Pilsner, Yakima Pilsner and Dirty Pilsner.”

The design below is from their 1st partnership with Robot Food. The design definitely works. Another designer and I picked these up when were in London. They were enough to grab our attention, but if we're honest, the "Pride & Joy" and "Life & Death" tasted like shit.

New Beer Warriors Shorts!

So we captured one of the Beer Warrior co-founders and locked him in a dark room. He has been asked to comb through all footage and dialogue on the Beer Warriors to make fun little shorts. We're so proud of him. We've been feeding him Slim Jims all month, but today he gets a Tic Tac to reward him for his efforts.

For those of you concerned if this is abuse: I don't want to hear it. He has a pair of Crocks to keep his feet comfy and stylish, and he's listening to his favorite Village People album.  

He made this. 

Beer Design of the Week

Camden Town Brewery

Designed by: Studio Juice

Wile in London, this bold design popped up everywhere. It's all about bold colors, big typography, and clean illustrations. There's no wasted space. Every part of the design pulls a lot of weight. The Camden Hells grabbed my attention every time I was at the pub. The beer itself isn't bad, but the design is great.

Beer Design of The Week

Transmitter Brewing Co.

Designed by: Jeff Rogers

Can you hear me now? These labels are on a whole different frequency...

Okay I'm done. These awesome beer labels are transmitting from Long Island, NY. They're different and harken to a younger era of radio communications. They are modeled after QSL cards used by HAM radio operators.

The older looking design really pairs well as a beer label. The dark yet vibrant color palette pops off the shelves, while still giving it a vintage aged look. The handmade look coupled with pleasant colors make them fun to look at.  

Beer Design of The Week

Upland Brewing Co.

Designed by: Young & Laramore

Upland Brewing Co. is a crafty bunch. Sour Ales are very different from your average beer and should be treated as such. Sours are works of art and an acquired taste for many been enthusiasts. Upland has an entire section of brews focusing on this obscure type of beer. 

Thus the artwork needed to look and feel different than your typical beer design. They created a more abstract look that becomes a visual experience. They blend chaotic color with clean simplicity. They look strikingly different than you'd expect a beer to look, thus you expect them to taste different. That alone is design win. The colorful product lockups also look fantastic. Only criticism is the logo doesn't mesh well, but I'm still a fan!

Stan Lee's Last Appearance In Texas

Stan Lee announced that his final convention appearance will be at Dallas Fan Expo.

Now at the age of 94 years old, it shouldn't be that surprising. Honestly, I was a little shocked 2016 didn't steal him from us too. So if you're in the Texas area, this is your last chance to meet the king himself.

I've personally been to the Fan Expo in Dallas twice and I will likely be there again this year. Tons of great artwork to buy and celebs to meet. It's handled very well and the cosplay is always a treat.

Tickets are $25-$50 per day, depending on the day, and $89 for all 3 days.

Buy them in advance or else you hit with extra charges. I usually only go for one day and feel satisfied.

Here are a few other guests of note! There's plenty more here.

Beer Design of the Week

Noble Rey Brewing Co.

Designed by:

Our second Texas Beer! The dynamic duo at Magnificent Beard have cooked up an eye-catching design that has come up in my feed over and over again. Each can has it's own personality, and the stack-able design makes them impossible to miss and fun to drink.

I've been to multiple parties where friends were stacking the heads on different bodies and Snapchatting their friends. The design is fun and interactive, bringing personality to the brand. Easily a top pick for beer design.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Comes In June.

Hey you guys remember Elder Scrolls Online? That game looked like every fantasy MMORPG player's wet dream, but I don't think I have a single friend who plays it. No quite sure what happened to it.

Anyway they came out with a sequel/expansion whatever you call it.

Seems like they're doing the same thing Guildwars did. No subscription fee, but lots of expansions that you pay full price for. I mean, it's a cool concept and every game is usually plenty of playtime. However it means you are spending $60 like two to four times a year.

Anyway. It looks cool. What do you think is better: Subscription or Expansions?