Beer Design of the Week

Vocation Brewery

Designed by: Robot Food

WABAM! Here's a stunner for ya. This marks the English brewery's second team-up with Robot Food, and for the 2nd time it's a killer. Lagers/Pilsners are slowly becoming more and more under appreciated. They're considered weak beers by many, even though they are some of the hardest beers to perfect. These new designs bring excitement with a vibrant and rebellious design that contrasts the subdued flavor of a typical lager.

“Robot Food took the same ‘rebellious and irreverent’ approach for the lager, choosing ‘crisp and fresh’ as their design strategy. Against a clean white background which captures the lager’s fresh flavours, the team added bright neon flashes of spray can paint. These slashes of vibrancy encapsulate the brand’s distinctive character and also differentiate the three inaugural SKUs—Pure Pilsner, Yakima Pilsner and Dirty Pilsner.”

The design below is from their 1st partnership with Robot Food. The design definitely works. Another designer and I picked these up when were in London. They were enough to grab our attention, but if we're honest, the "Pride & Joy" and "Life & Death" tasted like shit.